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Linda Desk Team New Zealand

Linda Desk Team New Zealand

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1- Great Authorities Panel (160x80x75 cm)
2 large modern Document Cabinet (200x40x75 cm) or decorative Bellini Library (150x35x150 cm)
3- Elegant Guest Stand (58x41x45 cm)
4 three drawers whatnot Whatnot La Table (Telescopic Rail-locked) ( 45x40x59 cm)

Sit choice of your seat can choose our more recent line model equivalent to that visual in my team.
Anime seats pictures model added further independent teams.
We are giving information from WhatsApp all details every time. We are sending the products photos and videos also live contact. The money transfer is to our bank account first 50% Before starting and 50% when the products ready.
The Material of Wood
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