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Germany Office Furniture

TABLE: L: 220 W: 95 H: 75
CABINET: L: 220 W: 45 H: 110
SHELF: L: 85 W: 45 H: 75
TABLE: L: 85 W: 55 H: 45

MDF is manufactured using natural coatings and paints.
Table Set the table, wardrobe, coffee table consists of and whatnot.
Table Set dimensions can be changed.
Seats are not included in the price.

We are giving information from WhatsApp all details every time. We are sending the products photos and videos also live contact. The money transfer is to our bank account first 50% Before starting and 50% when the products ready.
The Material of Wood
Please Call Us or Write From Whatsapp +90 507 213 9167