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Este Desk (Count Shelf is a Piece)

Depth: 55 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 74 cm
Important Note: the bottom has been revised as for the number one Rafa computer chassis.

Stylish Italian Design:
Your board has been specially designed with a modern style for home office use. Special offers spacious spaces with dimensions place it occupies in benefits while working. Different design with warm colors and shiny metal will reflect your taste counterattack. Sleek Italian design your style, your furniture will be well with your most used functionality. High Gloss today with MDF wooden table and decorative shiny metal components and can use the style fondly for many years to come.

Product Features and Publicity Sweden:
Simple and elegant table useful, as Valant series or individual additional table used. Decorative steel body is chromium plated, glowing, and provides robustness. High Gloss gloss MDF wood was preferred over the plate. Scratches, are more resistant to heat and water loss. Laptops and Desktops are suitable for use.

Combination Suggestions:
Advantageously kontrans will comply with all furniture and colors. compliance with the objectives in the design and manufacture functional furnishings that complement each other. You can also expand your workspace using your desk with our other products. Especially Elena whatnot, and we encourage you to review the Terra Decorative Cabinet Office papers.

Special Package:
custom-made for cargo shipments, impact-resistant packaging will be reached with the extra hassle you.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:
Our quality is guaranteed by our products and our brand. directly to your company any kind of problems and questions regarding our products, you can contact our customer support line.

detailed installation photographs related to the installation diagrams can be found on our website. Our products are manufactured using high quality connections equipment and accessories and you will find all the accessories you need in the box. You need only a screwdriver.

Our company is behind our products until the end. 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects in material and giving. We are also working with unconditional customer satisfaction approach, we are with you in your need may occur even years later.

Health and Ergonomics:
The materials used in our products are manufactured in accordance with E1 quality health standards. In addition, our priority is to ergonomics will provide an orthopedic use in long-term use.

Technical Details:
Tabs 18 mm High Gloss E1 scratch resistant MDF Wood Quality Class 1 is used. Metal are special glossy chrome-plated steel. 1st class accessories in connection accessories are preferred. Wood edge coating is coated with 1 mm thick PVC material through High Gloss. protecting the floor under the table leg and the height adjustable legs are available. Production in high-tech machinery and quality craftsmanship has been applied in the sensitive point.

We are giving information from WhatsApp all details every time. We are sending the products photos and videos also live contact. The money transfer is to our bank account first 50% Before starting and 50% when the products ready.
The Material of Wood
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