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Laptop Table and Coffee Table

Laptop Table and Coffee Table
Unfortunately, Chinese origin products have surrounded the market in laptop tables and laptop stands. The prices of Chinese coffee tables are very cheap. Although they look very functional in photos, they are unfortunately far from durability and quality. It can be used very functionally, such as a coffee table, zigzag coffee table. If you are looking, you can choose our smart coffee tables.
We also have many customers who use it as a children's desk.The 90 cm version is preferred as a modern height adjustable desk.
The Eva Concetto brand is our company and we stand behind the products completely .
Depth: 41 cm Width: 73 cm Height: 47 cm to 80 cm to be adjusted. Health and Ergonomics: Laptop stand end to the use of body pain! Long-term solutions to orthopedic problems up to the waist and neck discomfort caused by unhealthy Prag of use. Setting the desired height provides ergonomic use. ..
Ex Tax:237.38€
Great Laptop Desk Berlin 60x90 cm Dimensions Height Adjustable between 41-80 cm..
Ex Tax:609.63€
It is an ideal aesthetic square coffee table for office waiting rooms...
Ex Tax:426.56€
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